Barge Tile Installation

Barge tile installation can involve new installs or a retro fit but in each instance there is right and wrong way to install this roof accessory.

Retro fit

This will involve removal of the old barge accessory which could be a number of different items.

  • Trimmer board
  • Old barge tile
  • Cement board with mortar joint
barge before

The only way to truly close the barge exposure from water penetration is a barge tile as the trimmer board irrespective of the talent of the installer will be wood and this will shrink and expand so it will never be a water tight joint between this and the tile.

The cement board has never been a good alternative as this is prone to the mortar joint cracking.

The barge tile is the preferred option and given the choice should be used in preference to the alternatives.

Our barge tile installs follow the same procedure detailed under the new barge tile installation.

New Barge Tile Installation

Definitely the preferred option and as with all our installations we use the best materials and methods available to give you the best possible finish

Barge after

Here is how we go about it :-

  • We take measurements to calculate the best gauge to install the barge tile to keep the finish uniform and correct.
  • We always bed the barge tile onto the roof tile with a sand and cement mortar with our unique waterproof additive.
  • We then use a flexible pointing compound as we do with our ridge tile installations to complete the job.
  • It should be also noted our joints at the top of the apex of any joining roof faces are mitred and not just guessed as it would appear a number of other roofing contractors do. We can do this because we know what we are doing and know our trade well.