A New Roof With Slate And Tile Roofing?

Our new roofs use the highest quality available materials and our attention to detail is second to none. We do not accept an imperfect finish.

What is different from our installations to other contractors?

We do not make promises we can not keep, we also talk in plain English and will not hide behind technical terms. If at any point you are unsure of what is happening or do not understand any of the process please ask.

What is the process for our installations?

  • Measurements will be taken from the tiles to be installed to decide the optimum spacing for your roof, the intention is always to minimise any cuts so we have full courses on any step changes.
  • Underlay and battens are then installed. The underlay is the highest quality available, I cannot stress enough how important using quality materials is and with the underlay this is evident with either using the cheap bitumen paper underlay or the multi-layer underlay we use. The cost of the material we use is more but we do not accept using inferior products when better suited products are available.
  • After the underlay and battens are installed the roof is then gauged to again minimise cuts and give the optimum set out. At this point many of the cuts can be made before the majority of the roof is laid but this depends on the skill level of the tradesmen.
  • Then your chosen roof material will be installed including ridge and barge tiles if required.Using the correct fixings and method of installation
  • During the install flashings may be required and again here we do excel with no silicone required to keep our lead flashings watertight unlike many others...