What level of Roof Repair?

- and prices clarified.

For repairs/quotes involving travel time there is a call out fee of $150 + GST.(based on North Shore, Auckland)

A basic repair costs $150 plus Materials plus GST. (This includes the call out fee), travel time is also charged for. So it is also helpful to have a photo of the present roof material to try and bring the same type if possible or even make a quick check under the house to see if spare tiles etc have been left from the original install and save yourself this extra expense.

We will travel but cost increases and also call out fee,and as a guideline Gulf Harbour $250 plus materials plus GST, Hamilton $500 plus materials plus GST.

If upon attendance the work will be of greater value than $350 + GST (Or mutually agreed figure) we would quote and await your confirmation to proceed with the work.

PLEASE NOTE:- The call out fee of $150 + GST (North Shore, Auckland) is always charged but is redeemable against any further work that is carried out by Slate and Tile Roofing.

All Repairs are deemed as such and although we do take every precaution to solve the issue at no time is ownership taken of the leak. To identify some leaks costs may be prohibitive because of labor and material costs and an acceptance that a better course of action may be renewal of the problem area upto the required building code standards .

We also offer a Consultancy service, see here

A roof repair is a solution to a leak problem and it may be just what is available to cure the present problem. This should be treated as such, your chosen contractor should really let you know what they have done and to what level the repair is. For example if you have a leak on a tile roof and you have recently had a aerial/satellite dish installed it would be fair to say it will probably be a broken tile and unless the profile is a rare type it should be a straight replacement and I would class this a permanent repair. However if in this same situation you could not locate a replacement tile and repaired the tile with something else but stopped the leak I would class this as a temporary repair.

With roof repairs the main issue is always to stop the leak and then deal with the problems that brought this about. Is the roof looking like it needs renewal? Is the roof new but been badly installed? Or is it simply just a minor repair that is now fixed?

I will always try to make a permanent repair but it should be also taken into consideration the age of the roof and every roof at some point will need updating.

Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Slate and Tile Roofing repair all types of roofs including slate, concrete , clay.

All house roofs are exposed to the elementsand over time will eventually be affected by wear and tear caused by weather.

As a result, most house roofs will experience a wide range of roof damage including cracked tiles, rusting/broken iron, dislodged or loose slate,broken or loose flashings, split guttering and roof movement.

At Slate and Tile Roofing we have over 25 years experience in dealing and resolving roof problems and repairing damage to your house roof, often caused by stormy weather. Slate and Tile Roofing have continued to develop their specialist domestic roof repair services so that today we are the preferred roof repair company for many in Auckland.

At Slate and Tile Roofing we understand that the roof over your home is one of the most important structural elements of your house and therefore any problems arising that might cause a risk to the contents of your home and your health need to be dealt with promptly a damaged house roof can soon cause a major leak, with water causing major damage to the contents of your home, which is why Slate and Tile Roofing offer domestic customer annual home roof servicing to help identify any roof problems and repair them before they become more serious. Furthermore, regular maintenance should help prolong the life of the roof on your home.

Slate and Tile Roofing have been undertaking domestic and commercial roof repairs for over 25 years.