Ridge Tile Repair

At times your existing ridge tile mortar bedding will become cracked and loose due to age and movement.This is when you may consider using a roofing contractor to remove then re-bed the ridge tiles. There are a number of options which will alter the price and make some quotes look more expensive than others.

  1. Firstly you can use a flexible pointing compound straight Old Ridge onto the existing cracked bedding mortar, you may need to tidy up the old bedding mortar in places and you may not get a picture perfect finish because you are using the flexible pointing onto existing lines and this dictates how the finish may be. However this is a perfectly acceptable solution to this problem.

    There is a part B here!! With this option we always grind down the old bedding mortar to get the best possible finish as with all the work we do we make the best possible job each and every time. And there are not many other contractors if any who do this....

  2. Secondly you can remove the old ridge tiles and bedding mortar then clean the ridge tiles free of the old mortar. Then install a new bedding mortar and then flexible pointing compound.

  3. Thirdly you will remove the old ridge tiles and bedding mortar then install new ridgeNew Ridge
    tiles and bedding mortar and then use a flexible pointing compound.

At Slate and Tile Roofing we hope to make our quoted prices as easy to understand as possible but if for any reason this is not clear please feel free to ask we are more than happy to correct any misunderstanding. We do genuinely believe you will not find a better priced quote for the materials and workmanship used. .