Slate and Tile Roofing for your Slate Roof installation?

Our Slate Roof installations are second to none but we go one step further than the rest.

We have been installing these type of roofs for nearly 30 years giving us an unrivalled insight to what works and what does not. Although this is considered a premium roof material in New Zealand the skill level exhibited in some of the slate roof installations we have seen is certainly not premium.

If this is through the actual finished installation or bad advice in regards to choice of material, not all slate is created equal and this would be the time to take the advice of a specialist in this area we can guide you through this and make sure you get the premium roof you are paying for.

As with any of our installations we use only the best materials and products available and this coupled with our expert skill level installation you will not be disappointed.

Slate Roofing

Slate is a metamorphic rock and as such carries the same capabilities, it will not saturate with water and is completely fireproof. It is impervious to weather, so you can expect a slate roof to last a very long time and so should the installation, so make sure your chosen Slate Roofing contractor is experienced in the installation of this material as I have seen many Slate roofs basically destroyed by bad installation through lack of knowledge of the correct procedure. With the right Slate Roofing contractor your roof will be a visual pleasure that will give you a lifetime of trouble free use, with the wrong Slate roofing contractor it will be a costly waste of time and you will probably need that contractor you rejected initially to sort the mess out. Please also make sure your chosen Slate Roofing Contractor can make and install their own flashings as this is a major part of any Roofers technical abilities and if they can't do this maybe you should look elsewhere for your Slate Roofing contractor. Please view my gallery for examples of lead welded flashings. It is also a material that is reusable and basically maintenance free for the entire life cycle of the roof and when you measure this against other roofing materials you have to quite simply call Slate the ‘greenest’ material you can use for your roof. It should really be the first choice of anyone considering there ‘carbon foot print’ when looking for ‘green’ building materials. If you are also able to use lead for the flashings you should have a roof that will never give you any trouble. Because of its longevity, slate is very cost effective over the life of the roof.  Not only is the stone naturally highly rugged, it is very resistant to mould, mildew and other sources of contamination.

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Natural slate is recognised throughout the world as one of the finest building materials available..
Natural slate offers the specifier or builder both aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability. This durability means that natural slate can contribute considerably to a building’s whole life costs. A slate roof will last the lifetime of the building, if laid correctly. As a natural product it will also feature variations in colour, sizes and textures to enhance the overall visual effect.
Historically, slates were from a local source, however, nowadays with more quarries available, worldwide imported natural slates can also be a very close match, in terms of appearance and performance, to local materials.
Slate and Tile Roofing, through its wide supply chain base, can offer competitive solutions in all slate products. All slate purchased and used by Slate and Tile Roofing requires to meet current best quality material standards in order to provide assurance to the end user regarding future performance. The result will be a roof that will enhance your building project with a timeless natural appearance