Why use Slate and Tile Roofing for your Metal Tile Roof?

Our Metal Tile Roof installations are second to none but we go one step further than the rest.

  • Each and every time you get a roof underlay of the highest quality available. You will find many contractors not using any roof underlay as building code says it is not required above 25 degrees!!! In our opinion the roof underlay is a secondary barrier and should always be installed.
  • On replacement roofs old battens are removed and new battens installed, again many of the cheaper prices will be because old battens are not removed.
  • If you have valley trays on your roof are they getting replaced? Our price includes this.
  • What finish do you expect? Again we do believe we deliver a finish that is not surpassed by any other contractor. We use all the best materials with the best installation techniques.

These are just a few points to consider if you are looking for a roof replacement or new roof installation.

Metal Tile Roofing

Metal Roof Tiles, Practical, economical and sustainable, up to eight times lighter than traditional roof materials offering protection and security. One would assume this would come at the cost of aesthetics, yet they are virtually indistinguishable from traditional roofing materials, offering elegance and style to the roof of any building.

Slate and Tile Roofing is proud to offer the very best quality products in this field. Complimented by the know-how and expertise of our highly experienced installation teams.

Traditional in Appearance

Traditional roof tiles rely primarily on their own deadweight to provide resistance against wind uplift; when the going gets tough, supplementary nails and clips are used to provide additional uplift resistance. The Metal Tile Roof System is unencumbered by the limitations of traditional roof tiles.

We place no reliance on deadweight; Metal roof tiles are effectively secured through their upturned and downturned edges into battens. This lateral positioning of the fixings means that all the loads on these fixings are at 90 degrees to their plane.

This has many positive implications for housing developers, as our lightweight roof tiles can save you time and money.

Advantages of Metal Roof Tiles

Aside from the reduction in costs and materials, there are other advantages of choosing lightweight roof tiles over more traditional products. The reduction in dead load means savings can be made in foundation design. Using Metal Roof tiles also means the roof can be manufactured in modular form. This offers:

  • Dramatic reductions in construction times.
  • Improvements in the predictability of projects
  • Potential cost savings
  • Higher quality and fewer defects
  • Improvements in health and safety
  • Reduction in waste
  • Large reductions in on site installation time, consequently reducing disruption to surrounding tenants and homeowners
  • Improvements in design and functionality of building, for example it is practical to design the roof structure to allow the loft space at a future date to be converted at minimal cost into an additional bedroom, so reducing the need for tenants or home owners to relocate when their families expand in size

Metal Tile Roof Installation Facts

Using Metal Roof tiles means you can save many man hours on site, as they are quicker to install than conventional roofing. This is because the Metal tile Roof system requires fewer fixings than other tiles.

Metal Roof Tiles are only a fraction of the weight of traditional roofing sheets, so more of them can be transported at once. This means fewer trips up the ladder are needed.

Each Metal Roof Tile also covers a greater area of the roof compared with other tiles. What's more, the Metal Tile Roof is completely dry fixed. This means that it can installed in any weather conditions, unlike tiles that use mortar.