Skylight Windows

basic install

Basic Skylight Window install

(550mmx980mm, centre opening) includes labour, skylight window, flashing kit and trimming only at roof level

$1250 including GST.

The Skylight window has been around for over 50 years and I have installed these for over 25 years. This skylight has honestly never let me down on any job.

Skylights offer suitable, dependable, and predictable performance. 

What makes a house a home? Ideally,it should be somewhere you can relax and recharge. Somewhere in tune with the rhythms of your life, where you can come together with friends and family in a life-enhancing way. Natural light is key. More than any other element, its many moods and variations can affect the way we feel about where we live.

You can choose how much light a room receives by positioning your windows carefully, and by choosing the number of windows you are going to use. If you put a single roof window on the North side of your home, It will catch light for most of the day. Put two windows together and you immediately catch more. To make sure a room has enough light, we recommend a minimum of 20% glazed area to floor space. As the sun moves across the sky the light will change. But if you put a roof window on either side of the room you can catch the light as it moves throughout the day, and so increase the distribution of it.

Add light and value to your home

We all take great pride in our homes. We like to make sure they’re well presented, functional and comfortable to live in. That’s where light can play such an important role. Used properly, it can create a feeling of space and increased well-being. Used with imagination and skill, light can also help you increase the value of your home, not only when you come to sell but also in terms of making the most of your current space. Think for a moment about how you use your rooms at the moment could bringing daylight into under-used areas help you get more out of them?

Think also about the kind. of atmosphere you want to create. Natural daylight can make your homemore welcoming and more enjoyable on a daily basis.

There are also numerous accessories available to enhance the window even more.

I can provide full supply and fit or just install the velux for you - I have even been known to rescue a botched installation attempt. Please email or call if you need any help.